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Our Testimonials

As you can see throughout our website we have many customers who have used the program and implemented the various strategies to create a successful eBay business.

Success is a relative term used and in nearly every case it is different for each user. We always ask these people for permission to use their testimonial, whether video or written on our websites.

As with any sensible marketer we don’t ask people who might not have been happy with their results if we can post them on our websites. In many cases it’s the people upset with the lack of their own activity which has resulted in their lack of a successful outcome.

As we teach people how to create a successful eBay business by finding a niche we know there are many people using our program to various degrees of success who are reluctant to let us know how they are going, due to privacy and business financial reasons. This is entirely understandable and we agree whole-heartedly in allowing these people their privacy. I do not know what the “average result” is because it’s different for everyone. We can however give you a reasonable estimate, based on statistics for success that have been used as a yard stick for many years throughout history.

In the spirit of trying to offer full disclosure, here is the possible spectrum of what we believe could be our customers’ success and failure

The bottom 20% don’t actually do anything. These people might buy an ebook or one of the other programs and it goes on the bookshelf or in a folder in their computer. They don’t read it they don’t watch or listen to it, so they wouldn’t benefit from it. The number of people who don’t do anything may even be more than 20%. It could even be up to 50% we just don’t know.

60% do very little. The people might do a little bit, maybe quickly skim through the programs and pick up some main points on how to expand and grow an eBay business. Of course these people will get some benefit from that if they then implement the information gained. For example they may buy one of our books or DVD sets about eBay but didn’t get the full course.

That, I believe, is what the TYPICAL customer could be doing.

Now the top 20%. These are the people who really take the education process and the help and advice seriously. 20% of our customers might read the information, learn the strategies and then apply them to their own business. They learn about researching niche markets, finding the right keywords for their items and then sourcing contacts and suppliers for their chosen niche. They go through the program with a more concerted effort and I would estimate that this group of people has the ability to create the foundation for a sustainable ongoing eBay business. Their investment from our experience can easily be recovered by taking their efforts to this level of effort.

10% turn their efforts into a regular strategy. These people will do regular activity on their eBay business to build up their eBay income over a period of months begin to see very significant improvements. They work on their copywriting to build a history of creating successful listings that can get improved results in the Best Match result of eBay search results. They’re begin to get similar prices to their competitors on eBay and head towards becoming a prominent figure in their niche.

5% have become serious students of the process. Not only do they do all of the above but in addition they truly attempt to turn eBay into their chosen craft for the future. They develop a cluster of products within their niche; they split test various listing strategies in their eBay store; they build lead generation and customer support systems for people who aren’t ready to buy yet. They track their sales monthly and look at constantly improving their results. We get LOTS of testimonials from these people in this range and we know that these people have not only learned the various strategies but they implement everything they are learning ongoing.

2% Do all of the above and are obsessed about becoming the dominant player in their chosen category on eBay. They focus on learning how to write great copy and set up regular autoresponders to build a back end to their eBay business by having a database of customers. They know how to do the testing and tracking and they do it regularly. They use all of the available tools within eBay to have an automated (90%) eBay business. They use every opportunity available use the Help Desk and to ask questions from the mentors. They understand that even implementing ONE solid strategy could pay for itself several times over.

This could be everyone but it comes down to how serious the individual is to creating a lifestyle free from the everyday that will meet his or her own dreams and goals.

This top 2% is committed to eBay mastery – and will eat live and breath eBay – no matter the economic climate. But this STILL does not guarantee success.

Bidding Buzz does not guarantee success for anyone. We simply promise that we’ll deliver the best information we can, that it is actionable and shows results (negative or positive) because it is testable and measurable and accountable.
NOT everyone who buys from me is successful in fact when people make these claims you should be wary anyway. NOT everything we tell you to do will work. And when you do succeed we would love to hear from you so we can help pass the message onto other like-minded people who just want to create a better life for themselves and their families too.

Matt & Amanda Clarkson

P.S.: Do we promote anyone else as affiliates? – We only ever recommend something that will enhance your prospective results with your eBay business. The programs we recommend are also programs that we ourselves use. This itself should be the only recommendation you need.
Having said that, some of these programs will pay us an affiliate commission if the user makes a purchase. After all we are a business and our outcome is to prosper while helping others to do the same.

At no time would we recommend anything that we didn’t believe would improve your results in creating a better eBay business and we wish you every success.

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