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If You’re Looking For A Way To Sell Information Products On eBay With Little To No Start Up Costs, & You Get The Products Absolutely FREE, Then This Could Be The Most Important Letter That You’ve Ever Read…


From the desk of…….

Matt & Amanda Clarkson

Dear Friend,

We simply couldn’t believe it when two of our eBay students Joe & Kirsten started making big money selling Information products on eBay. Their words were…

“It is absolutely amazing…the money started pouring into our PayPal account from selling information products on eBay, products that we didn’t even produce or even pay one cent to acquire the rights to sell, essentially products that we got for absolutely FREE and we got to keep all of the profits on them.”

It’s such an amazing story we just had to share it with you, but before we go any further… let’s back up and start from the beginning…

For years Kirsten & Joe had been trying to make money on the Internet, and frustratingly like most people they still hadn’t even made one cent.

They’ve done everything including trying to sell digital books (eBooks) through an online eBook store, starting their own mail order business, starting their own handmade jewellery business and everything else in between but NOTHING EVER WORKED!

Although Kirsten & Joe were working, Joe was a tradesman and when he didn’t work, he didn’t get paid, and so for the past 9 years, they’ve only just scraped through life paying their bills, rent, and now a mortgage, hence the reason they were trying to make a buck online.

They always lived from week to week and really needed an extra income to be able to have some breathing space, to be able to try and get some savings in the bank, and to be able to look forward to starting a family and living a more abundant lifestyle.

This is something we’re all looking for right?

You see, the thing was, that they actually had some great products to sell, but had absolutely no idea how to drive traffic to their websites, so people could actually find them and buy the products. Same old story we hear every day.

We all know there are absolutely millions of people trawling the internet everyday, with credit card in hand looking to buy stuff, but getting anyone to even find their websites was just starting to wear them down and drive them slightly crazy!

Here they were, trying so hard to make some extra money, having spent thousands upon thousands trying to find the holy grail of making money online, so they could live the lifestyle of their dreams. A lifestyle where they could eventually work together from home and do whatever they wanted, when they wanted to work on their terms, and have a lifestyle where money wasn’t such an issue.

“At the time they were no closer to their dream lifestyle, more in debt, more frustrated and even further away from their dream.”

Even though they ‘d always been in that struggle, they always had this feeling that there had to be a better way in life!

Then, at the end of 2008, something happened that changed their life forever!

One day Kirsten went into work to find out that she had been retrenched. It was kind of a bitter sweet feeling as she loved her job but on the other hand thought this might be the opportunity for her, an opportunity where she could try yet another path, a path that they hadn’t gone down before.

“But still what were they going to do now?”

Around this time they’d been hearing about people making money on eBay, but had never really thought of eBay before, and then it suddenly hit them like a ton of bricks!

The problem was that they couldn’t get enough Internet traffic, they couldn’t get customers directed to their websites, so why hadn’t they thought of going to where all of the customer were instead?

That’s right…eBay!

Everyone has heard of eBay, everyone knows eBay, it’s this absolutely massive company that provides the biggest internet platform in the world (that’s a fact), for every day people like you and me to utilize.

Here’s some fantastic eBay statistics….

  • Over 1.3 million people earn either a part-time or full-time living on eBay – If there’s that many people earning an income on eBay, why wouldn’t you seriously look at it?
  • Over $1 Billion Dollars is spent every week on eBay around the world
  • There are now over 300 million registered users on eBay worldwide – You can’t get a bigger audience to sell to than that!
  • Around 70,000 new members are still joining eBay every day – Which means we’ll always have an absolute astounding amount of people buying goods every second of every day!

See, there’s already millions of people making an income out of eBay so why couldn’t you?

So in January 2009 Joe & Kirsten invested into training with us here at Bidding Buzz and went to work learning as much as they could about eBay, by immersing themselves into the possibilities and learning from the best mentors available, they knew this was just the beginning of the changes that were just about to happen in their lives.

As we all know, when you first start selling on eBay, you sell everything from around your house that you no longer want, use or need (everything that’s not nailed down really), and so when they started selling their stuff, they made a whopping $2500 in their first month.

This is no fluke! They were making money pretty much instantaneously.

From everything that they’d tried previously, from all of the money they’d spent trying other things that never worked and here they get onto eBay and just start making money instantly, $2500 to be exact.


As You Can Imagine They Were Jumping For Joy!


Finally after going around in circles for years, they actually started to straighten out and lead to a final destination.

“Joe & Kirsten finally found what they had been searching for!”

After selling everything that wasn’t nailed down at home, they had to go the next step of finding actual products to sell on eBay, but the problem was, even though they had just made a few thousand dollars in sales, they still didn’t have a huge amount of money to buy stock, so they had to find products that they could sell ongoing, that cost next to nothing to purchase.

By this stage it was around April 2009 when Joe decided he was going to start a new eBay Store selling all types of information products.

BINGO! That was the move that would take things to the next level financially…

Joe & Kirsten had previously tried to make money selling information products on the internet, without any success, but here they were left with all of these products that they had the rights to sell, but weren’t doing anything with them.

So Joe started his eBay store, and something crazy happened, his little information store started to make money. In their first full month they sold around 10 different information products making them around $800.

Joe & Kirsten made $800 selling just a handful of products and not putting much effort into selling them, that’s when we knew they were onto a winner!

“This exciting new secret strategy, and much more, is what you’ll learn from the new program we’re about to share with you…”

You see, purchasing the rights to the information products they were selling, originally cost next to nothing, and because information products cost pretty much nothing to reproduce, everything that they were selling, was mostly profit.

Using our strategies Joe and Kirsten started a profitable eBay business with pretty much no money and not a huge amount of effort, but wait, the story gets even better!

As they started looking into finding more of these types of products to sell, they actually stumbled across one of the biggest and best kept Internet secrets, a secret so huge, that as soon as you hear about it, you’ll be knocking down anything that stands in your path, even your own grandma to get to it.

This secret that they’ve discovered, has now made them thousands of dollars over and over again, and will continue to do so…month in month out.

So………do you want to know what the secret is?

Ok, you’ve twisted my arm, the biggest secret that we’ve stumbled across that has now brought thousands and thousands of dollars straight into their bank accounts is………

Public Domain Products For eBay!

“Public Domain, what the hell is Public Domain?”

That’s a great question and although I had heard of public domain products being sold on the Internet before, this was the first time I had heard of someone selling them successfully on eBay.

In simple terms, the public domain is when a piece of work like a book, piece of music, artwork or even photograph can be taken and used for whatever purposes, commercial or non commercial, by the public (which is us) without cost, without asking permission or without paying royalties, because the work has had it’s copyright expire, or has not been copyrighted in the first place.

So if something falls into the public domain it means that it has no copyright, and we can take it and do pretty much what we want with it, including selling the work for profit.

The cats now out of the bag, and the public domain is the secret to Kirsten & Joe making thousands of dollars on eBay.

After they stumbled across this secret, Kirsten & Joe learnt as much as they could about the public domain, spending literally every waking moment, living and breathing information on the public domain, because they knew that the public domain was going to be a goldmine.

The best thing about the public domain is that you can take already proven works written or created by some of the best minds in the world for absolutely FREE, and then start selling them for profit on eBay.

“How good is that?”

And so this is where their story really starts. After only 4 months of learning about, living and breathing and selling public domain products on eBay, Kirsten knew she never had to go back to work again!

All they did, was take public domain works which they didn’t pay to get the rights to use, as they are free, and turned them into their own products to sell.

It cost pretty much nothing to start and the best thing is that the majority of what the products sell for is all profit!

Can you imagine just how lucky they feel right now! Even though they aren’t completely at their dream lifestyle stage yet, they are well on their way, and know for a fact that they’ll be getting there real soon.

Selling public domain and information products on eBay can be an absolutely life changing experience and this happy couple still have to pinch themselves on a daily basis knowing that they’re actually making money doing what many of us have always wanted, making money online selling information products.

Together with Joe & Kirsten we’ve come up with a system, that if used and implemented properly, then just about anyone could get the same results.

Imagine jumping out of bed each morning, enjoying a leisurely breakfast instead of sitting on the dreaded wage slave highway every day?

If you’re reading this and you commute to work one way or another, you know what I mean, and then having to deal with rude or unfair bosses or self centered, boring work colleagues, is just something you don’t have to put up with any more.

Can you even remember a time in your life where you got out of bed, stress free and completely happy with what you were doing?

Are you finally fed up enough with your life to investigate starting an eBay business where you:

  • Don’t have to have any start up capital
  • Don’t have to purchase any stock or inventory
  • Don’t have to purchase the rights to use public domain materials because they are FREE
  • Sell the same products over and over, eliminating the need to do repetitive listing and product sourcing
  • You don’t have to rent any warehouses or premises
  • You don’t have to hire staff
  • Don’t have to purchase stock up front
  • And yet you still create a fantastic income for your family

Keep reading, because we’ve only just scratched the surface with what’s possible!

Selling public domain and information products on eBay is one of the best low cost ways to get into an eBay business and all you really have to give up is some time. Through most of their launch phase of their new eBay business, Joe & Kirsten both worked full time, and know from experience that if you really want to start this type of business, that you can do it with only a couple of hours a day or even a couple of hours a week. Once it’s up and running..

Don’t get me wrong. Just like any new venture it’s going to take work and this is definitely not a get rich quick scheme. In fact, to get to the point where we are today has taken us intense learning and mentoring from some of the best in the business, and giving up countless hours of our own free time to build it to where it is today.

Now it only takes 1-2 hours a day to run an Information product business on eBay, and Kirsten & Joe earn anywhere between $4000 – $6000 a month. And this is still only from them working on this part time as well. As I mentioned before, they both worked in full time jobs and now Kirsten don’t work at all, in fact now that she’s just had their first baby, Kirsten is spending more time being a happy time free mum.

Earnings Disclaimer

Because this is such a time friendly business to run it’s simple to keep growing the product range at your own pace. Kirsten & Joe also have many other projects that they’re working on, and so building this business has literally been a part-time job.

How would you feel if you were earning around $4000 – $6000 a month working 2 hours a day, selling products that you got for free? Products that cost you next to nothing to reproduce and without having to purchase and store bulk stock?

Well my answer to that question is yeah baby!

These figures are just based upon what they’ve done with public domain products, and believe me, the sky is the limit with this stuff. There are millions upon millions of public domain works we can take and sell on eBay and these guys already earn $4000 – $6000 a month selling only about 150 different types of products. 150 products out of millions imagine what they’ll be earning when they really crank up the business!

It excites us just thinking about all of the possibilities and you should be excited as well because you have such an amazing opportunity sitting right in front of you.

As you can see, with the powerful strategies we’ve put together for selling on eBay…coupled with the amazing secrets Kirsten & Joe have come up with for Public Domain…the possibilities are truly limitless.

We now want to pass on to you all of our combined knowledge so you can do it even faster than we did and that’s why your reading this letter.

Would you like to know exactly how to create your OWN public domain information product eBay business?

You may think that we’re absolutely crazy to want to tell people all of the secrets to making money on eBay selling public domain or information products.

You may wonder why we’re wanting to share with you all our system for making thousands of dollars each month working only 1-2 hours a day?

Well we’re certainly not afraid to teach you our system because we know for a fact that there is just so much money to be made and products to create, that there’s enough to go round.

As we mentioned before, there are millions upon millions of public domain works and information products that you can use to create products and even if we spent our whole lifetime using public domain products we wouldn’t get even close to running out of ideas and new products to sell.

Some people if they knew what we knew, would never want to tell people, let alone teach people exactly how to do it because, well they want to keep everything for themselves, but we’re not like that, we want to help other people achieve their dream lifestyle because we always said that if we ever did it ourselves, that we would want to help others.


Here’s exactly what you’ll learn from the “Public Domain Secrets For eBay” program…

  • Introduction To Copyright And The Public Domain And How It Can Make You Money now
  • What Is Copyright, What Does Copyright Protect And Why This Is So Important For You
  • Why Starting An eBay Business Selling Public Domain Works, Is The Fastest And Easiest Way to sell information products on eBay
  • The 12 Easy Steps To Starting A Public Domain Information Product Business
  • How Long Copyright Last’s, And Why You Need To Know This
  • The Top 9 Untapped Offline Sources To Find Public Domain Hidden Treasures
  • International Copyright Laws And How They Can Make You A Fortune On eBay
  • How you can Access Millions Of Public Domain Works for no cost
  • The Ultimate List Of Website Links Where You’ll Find Even More Public Domain Books
  • What You Can Do With A Public Domain Work And How You Can Turn It Into Multiple Formats To Make You Even More Money
  • The Top 5 Websites Where You Can Get Digital Public Domain Books
  • How And Where To Find Public Domain Physical Books
  • The Top 20 Ways To Use Public Domain Works To Create Products To Sell on eBay
  • The Top 3 Websites Where You Can Get Digital Public Domain Images
  • The Ultimate List Of Website Links Where You’ll Find Even More Public Domain Images
  • The Top Websites Where You Can Purchase Exact Reproductions of Public Domain Books
  • Information Products VS Physical Products, Cash in either way
  • The 8 Easy Steps To Starting A Public Domain Physical Product Business
  • Why Use Public Domain Audio
  • The Top 3 Websites Where You Can Get Public Domain Audio Files
  • The Ultimate List Of Website Links Where You’ll Find Even More Public Domain Audio
  • And much, much more…

“As You Can See We Never Do Things By Halves And This Program Is A Whole Other Level.”

We know when it comes to making money on eBay and finally finding a way to do it with Information Products… your family will look back forever and be grateful that you took the chance on yourself and did something.

So why would you invest in such a ground breaking program like this?

  1. Complete freedom to make as many information products as you like to sell on eBay for nearly pure profit.
  2. You’ll finally tap into the missing ingredient for nearly all websites and web products and that’s unlimited traffic
  3. No website to build as eBay has done the hard work for you
  4. You get to leverage off historical brands and peoples names that are still in high demand all over the world
  5. Instant money to reinvest into your business
  6. No ongoing royalties or tricky affiliate payments to check on
  7. The list of huge financial and emotional benefits goes on…

We have so many testimonials from people all over the world who have created their own successful eBay businesses and until now selling information products on eBay has been the Holy ground people have been looking for.

If you’ve been looking for a way to sell information products online but simply didn’t have the right vehicle, then you never have to wonder again if you’ll be one of the lucky few making a truly high profit information products business online.

The biggest complaint we have from people is that they don’t have a way to sell info products online…well now that’s not an excuse.

The Best Online Business Investment You Can Make Hands Down…

There are very few investments you can make that pay off more handsomely than ones that show you how to access the massive traffic source of eBay and this one is up there with the best. Bad advice can cost more than a missed opportunity and that’s why we put this program together.

This once in a lifetime opportunity is your chance to share in the multimillion dollar information age revolution. The good news is that this has never been offered before and as we are the world leaders when it comes to delivering eBay education you know you’re only going to get the best from us.

No question, “Public Domain Secrets For eBay” is the fast track to making money online with information products.

This is a serious course (even though it’s simple to follow and easy to learn) for people serious about changing their lives. It’s not some rehashed knowledge from a few books from a book store. It’s real life, proven strategies.

In fact if you looked at any book store in the world, went to any library globally, or trawled through every website on the Internet, you would not find another course like it…simply because no one else has the expertise.

This is a very real opportunity to gain the power of knowledge from people who sell professionally on eBay and have done so for over 5 years.

In our opinion it’s worth more than any qualification or degree that you’ll find taught in all the Universities and Colleges around the world. You’ll not only discover top shelf, proven strategies, but you’ll also get real life examples of exactly how it’s done, delivered by the best in the world to teach it.

Here’s what you get in this exclusive program…

Public Domain Secrets For eBay Quick Start Guide. Never wonder what to do first as we walk you through the program every step of the way as you follow the simple 6 step system.

This ‘Quick Start Guide’ will allow you to look at the overall picture and to show you exactly what action steps you need to take, to get your eBay public domain business up and running, and to start making money in no time.

More than 600 pages of pure, jam packed money making information in two hard cover folders that gives you everything we know about info products for eBay.

You’ll be so excited about the potential you won’t be able to sleep and you’ll be eager to implement everything you learn right away.

Manual 1 will introduce you to copyright, what the public domain actually is, and how it can make you a stack of money.

Not only is this type of eBay business probably the fastest and easiest way to create yourself an income, but when you find out what you can actually do with a public domain work and how you can turn it into multiple formats for more profit you’ll be chomping at the bit!

And this is only the beginning of what you’ll find within Manual 1

We’ll then show you the Top 20 ways of creating public domain products to sell on eBay, followed by some amazing untapped offline sources of where you can actually find these public domain hidden treasures….you’ll never believe where you can find a goldmine.

Once you learn these different types of public domain products you can create, there’s a whole section that’s goes through all of the differences between starting a public domain information product business vs a public domain physical products business. And don’t worry, we cover in detail everything you need to consider before starting either one and the steps you’ll need to take to start either type of business.

Then to finish off the absolutely huge first manual, we start to look specifically at public domain books……what they are, how you can use them and most importantly where you will find them.

Just as we finished Manual 1 with public domain books, Manual 2 covers public domain audio, public domain images, public domain magazines, public domain moving images and public domain government.

We’ll look closely at what all of these are, how you can use them and of course the best places of where you’ll find them.

Not only do these chapters contain step by step tutorials of the top places to find each of these types of works, but also includes an ultimate list of website links of where you’ll be able to access literally millions of public domain works. Just imagine how many products you can make out of that!

Even if you think you’ll never be able to create your own types of products, don’t worry as we also go through product creation strategies of how you can quickly and easily create public domain products even if you’re a complete newbie!

And we even give you all of the steps and resources that you need, to simply create and produce the Top 5 public domain product types for sale on eBay. We take all of the guess work out for you!

And last but not least Manual 2 also covers in detail, Information products (Non Public Domain) – What they are, how to create them and why they are the way of the future.

4 Camtasia DVD’s. These simple to follow DVD’s are easy to follow and help you discover the exact strategies Kirsten & Joe used for their thriving eBay business.

Disk 1 is all about how you determine public domain works, and you’ll learn the top 3 countries of Australia, United Kingdom and the United States individual copyright laws, and watch live step-by-step examples of how you can determine a public domain work in any one of these countries. You won’t believe how simple it is.

Disk 2-4 will show you how easy you can search for and find public domain books, audio and images.

Not only will these 4 Camtasia DVD’s show you exactly how to determine public domain works, but you’ll watch live as we navigate the top websites of where you’ll find millions of public domain books, audio and images that you can use to turn into your own products to sell on eBay.

Each website visited is broken down and explained , so it’ll be easier for you when you visit these sites to find public domain works, as you’ll know how to search for and also download anything that you may come across.

You even get a bonus section on disk 2, where you’ll see the step-by-step process of turning a public domain book that you have just downloaded, into a digital book or physical book product that you can sell on eBay…with these simple few steps you can create profitable products in an instant!

1 Audio CD chock full of tips, strategies and advice from Kirsten as she opens up her world of selling info products on eBay. Matt interviews her to draw out all of the hidden hot strategies she didn’t even know she had within her.

The Public Domain Little Black Book. This Little Black Book is worth it’s weight in gold as it’s your ultimate book of resources to finding the best information, contacts and suppliers needed to build your own public domain eBay business.

We’ve included this extra resource for you, as it’ll be the quick guide you’ll go to, when you’re wanting to look up any information about anything that’s discussed in the training course, without having to flick through hundreds of pages to find it!

This secret weapon also includes Public Domain Legal Cheat Sheets. No where else on the planet will you find this extraordinary comprehensive cheat sheet, which will make your journey a dream, as you work through the program.

Of course we can’t promise you’ll become an overnight success story. That’s entirely up to you. You’ll need to apply yourself and implement the simple, proven techniques we provide in this ground breaking opportunity.

Plus if you order in the next 10 days we have some very special gifts for you valued at over $400 dollars!

Bonus 1: Copywriting Profits eBook

In this amazing e-manual you get our 9 Step Process for writing emotional copy that people simply can not refuse. You get every tip we’ve used to write sales copy that has made us millions of dollars over the last five years of selling online.

Value $ 297

Bonus 2: Getting To Know The eBay Website Camtasia Video

Description: gettingtoknow.jpg

Sit back and watch as Matt walks you through the eBay website and points out in detail how to make the most of everything eBay has to offer. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned seller, you’re sure to pick up some very useful hints on how to maximize your profit potential.

Value $97


Bonus 3: “Want To Save Time And Effort Trying To Put Together An About Me Page That Looks Professional And Makes People Want To Buy From You Instantly?

Now you can tell the world about yourself with our free professional bonus templates, that will make your business look like an expert in your niche market.

Value $49



There’s no doubt about it, the knowledge you’ll gain from this game changing course is well worth every bit of $25,000. Let’s face it, if you could set yourself free for the rest of your life, it would be a bargain at that price. That might seem like an extraordinary amount of money to you right now. But it’s only half of what you’d pay for one year at university and you’ll be able to implement the strategies immediately after starting the course.

But you won’t have to pay $25,000 for the program. You won’t even pay $10,000.

See right now we are looking for testimonials from new students who have followed every strategy and implemented the program to it’s fullest.

The launch price for this amazing Public Domain Secrets For eBay course for a very limited time is only $997 a discount of over 50% of what it will finally be available for after the launch.

Think about it: For around the cost of an iPad – you can be well on your way to making thousands of dollars in the next 12 months. Plus you’ll gain a lifetime skill that could easily pay you dividends for the rest of your life.

Of course you’re guaranteed to be satisfied. If you find that after learning and implementing after 1 Full Year, that you haven’t made at least your investment back you’ll get a full refund of double the purchase price. There’ll be no hard feelings…you either become successful or you walk away with your investment and a lifetime of knowledge and money making skills.

There’s only one slight catch… if you want to get all of the bonuses INCLUDED IN THIS AMAZING LAUNCH PRICE. You need to order the “Public Domain Secrets For eBay” within the next 10 days. Otherwise the bonuses will not be included.

You read that right. We only want to work with people who are deadly serious about learning how to sell information products on eBay and who want to create the true lifestyle most people only ever dream about. If you’re serious…order before the launch deadline as it shows us the kind of determination you have to succeed.

To get the massive extra bonuses you must act now!

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So if you really want to make great profits on eBay…if you want to build a business getting products for no cost…if you want to know how to write emotional copy that people can’t resist…if you want a lifestyle working only a couple of hours a day…then you couldn’t ask for a better opportunity.

It’s easy to get started and even easier to follow. Don’t let anything else distract you and use the order button below.

Order your copy of the “Public Domain Secrets For eBay” RIGHT NOW.


It’s your ticket to fast track success selling information products online and don’t forget there’s no website to build as it’s on eBay. They’ve done all the hard work for you.


Matt & Amanda Clarkson

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