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Research Shows That There Are Now 1667 eBay Millionaires In Australia

The Australian and Sunrise recently reported the exciting research which shows that right now there are 1667 eBay Millionaires In Australia. Click here to watch the Sunrise report:   Click here to go to The Australian report: Matt and Amanda Clarkson invited to speak live on radio station 2UE about Australia’s growing group of eBay […]

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Business Review Magazine Goes Digital & Online Business Is Only Growing Stronger

The online digital world is catching up to the traditional business world faster than we really understand. Last year the BRW magazine which has been in print for 30 years in Australia went off the shelves in news agents and is now only available online in the digital news stand. For such a traditional print […]

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Bidding Buzz Review Copy Writing By Seth Godin

When it comes to doing copywriting one of the simplest ways to get noticed is to include humour in your story. Seth Godin is undoubtedly one of the most creative marketers of our time and has a wealth of history both in traditional marketing and online marketing. Recently on one of his Squidoo pages he […]

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Bidding Buzz Review Drop Shipping In The US And Australia

Many people wanting to sell products into the US have been using drop shipping companies for many years. The problem with this is most people look at doing things with the minimum effort and yet expect the maximum results. Unfortunately in the modern world of online shopping, potential customers expect more bang for their buck. […]

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Bidding Buzz Review New eBay Search Process

This year eBay have made some of the most significant changes to their search engine algorithms we’ve seen for many years. It seems that they’ve been trying to create more buying opportunities for the customers however it’s so far adversely affecting some of the more prominent sellers due to the fact that listings that should […]

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Top Rated Premium Services Kicks In On eBay And It’s Not All Smooth Sailing For eBay

This past few weeks has been challenging for eBay sellers to say the least. The new icon Premium Services icon has kicked in and unfortunately we are seeing listings that should be being raised in the search results being dropped way down into obscurity. This means that Top Rated Sellers who should have listings being […]

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eBay Buying Guides And How They Can Increase Your Sales!

Hi, Matt Clarkson here. Best‑selling author, international speaker, and eBay expert. eBay have been going through a lot of changes recently, a lot of upgrades to the system, changing the way things are working on there. Of course, when they make changes, not often do we get something as exciting as what we’re seeing right […]

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Bidding Buzz Receive Complaints About The Australia Post Shipping Zone Changes

It’s not uncommon for eBay to make changes on the run and for this to affect sellers in an adverse way. What has been strange this time is that it’s not eBay that has done anything wrong, it’s our good friends at Australia Post, but the flow on affect has caused major headaches on eBay. […]

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Discover The New Images Policy Changes On eBay And What It Means To Your Business…Don’t Get Caught Out

I wanted to take the time to bring you a short video to discuss the changes that are happening on eBay right now with regards to the images that you have in your listings and what you’re allowed to do and more importantly, what you’re no longer allowed to do, based on their new image […]

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Bidding Buzz eBay Business Workshop Explains The New Top Rated Plus Listings Rules & Images Policy

Well the new financial year has begun and finally the uncertainty of who is Australia’s Prime Minister has been resolved…for now anyway. So what’s the next thing on the horizon for those wanting to make an income on eBay? At the workshop we will be covering all of the new changes including the new Top […]

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